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Dealing with an orgasm advice leaflet/bingo card mix-up did provide 70-year-old mum and grandmother Deidre with a lighter moment during her illustrious career, but the nature of her problem-solving skills has changed with the technology boom.

Here, Deidre talks about her career helping others.

Hailing from Tyneside, Denise's catchphrase is 'doooooon't worry,' said in a soft, reassuring Sunderland burr.

When she shuffles off this mortal coil, Denise's most likely successor will be Cheryl Cole.

In an adjoining room, a crack team of letter-writing lieuten-aunts, armed with cups of tea and a bank of good sense, sit typing suggestions and juggling problems, the air-traffic controllers of the office's cluttered emotional skies. Nearly every available flat surface in the warren-like space is covered in a ream of pea-green print-outs, each sheet of which represents a problem that is at once tiny and enormous. "I've had to take two carrier bags full down to the car just to get them out of the way." Those problems are placed in piles according to urgency, and those piles are stamped with a name; every name signifies that one of the in-house agony aunts will be taking that particular slice of worry in hand, and doing her best to make it a little easier to bear.

A tight-knit group – all of whom have been with Deidre for years, some from the very beginning – they are fond of group fact-finding exercises, like a memorable trip to a Walthamstow condom factory. Not all of those worries are as glamorous as the soap operatics that appear in the newspaper. "Hair problems, hepatitis, homework, holidays, hysterectomy." The aunts erupt in laughter. Next door, Deidre is dealing with a rather different sort of difficulty.

Dear Deidre, aka Deidre Sanders, has been The Sun’s agony aunt for the past 35 years, and her column is legendary.

In that time, she has helped six million people with a wide variety of problems from incest to loneliness.

Being on the receiving end of 1,000 complaints every week – and finding the energy to answer them – requires patience and compassion beyond most of us. A third is letting an obsession with the television chef Gary Rhodes destroy his marriage. Luckily, Deidre, "Dear Deidre", is not just the country's best-known and longest-serving agony aunt, about to complete a third decade at The Sun: Dear Deidre is also a well-oiled and stoutly sensible advice-giving machine. Without it, the whole enterprise – quite unlike anything attempted by any other practitioner – would fall apart.Yvonne, who has worked with Deidre for 29 years, keeps a roughly alphabetised index of the subject areas that readers write in about. The sub-editors have called, her assistant Jeannie (another 30-year stalwart) explains; there's a problem with the Saturday lead, which, it is felt in Wapping, might be a little rich for The Sun readers' breakfast tables.Deidre casts a judicious eye over the offending copy. Not sure how to tell the guy who sits next to you in the office that he's got B. Don't bother the overstretched NHS by throwing yourself off a bridge or taking an attention-seeking overdose of paracetamol – crack open that Basildon Bond and write to a good old-fashioned agony aunt, instead. Claire Rayner Claire 'will you do that for me, lovey?A squinting, gelatinous Barbara Cartland lookalike, Denise oozes so much empathy that the studio has to be hosed down when she leaves.

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